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The 2023 toddle waddle went on tour...and rocked it!

In September the Welshmill Childminders' Activity Group mobilised and went for a sponsored toddle waddle around Victoria Park in Frome to raise funds for the We Hear You Cancer Charity

Welshmill Childminders' Activity Group

The children had a lovely time, and the weather was on their side too.

Amazingly the children even had energy left over to play in the park!

They had an initial fundraising target of £250 but have amazingly managed over £500 and are still going, they have been overwhelmed by the support they received and with how generous everyone is being with their donations for this wonderful charity.

With that in mind, if you're as proud as these lovely families are of their waddlers, could you help them get over £500 by donating at:

Latest total:

We Hear You Cancer Charity

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